How To Get A Good Night's Sleep?

Sleep plays an important role to our physical health because it is while sleeping that the body heals and repairs our heart and blood vessels.

A good night's sleep is as important as healthy eating and exercise and losing sleep or the failure to have quality sleep is often linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

Follow these simple steps to get a good night’s sleep:

1. Stay away from your smartphone

When you are all set for bed, put away your smartphone, better yet turn it off. Adults are more likely to stay up too late texting, emailing or using social media, and consequently feel drowsy the next day.

Why lose sleep to something as trivial as commenting on your friends' posts on social media?

2.Learn yoga moves

According to Reader's Digest Asia, a recent study from the University of Washington found that older women who did yoga for two months reported considerably less insomnia.

The gentle motions and poses may help reduce stress levels and improve blood flow, which makes it easier to sleep.

3.Meet friends and be merry!

Improve your connections with family and friends, call them up for a chat or meet up for one big meal, and you will improve your sleep quality.
Try it!

4.Ditch your snoring partner

Sleep in a separate bedroom because we know falling asleep next to someone who makes loud noises in his sleep is no joke.

Have a peaceful sleep in the next bedroom, wake up fresh the next day and drag your partner to the doctor to get that snoring problem fixed.

5.Be mindful of what you eat

According to Reader's Digest Asia, a heavy meal right before bedtime can cause stomach acid to rise into your oesophagus, which we know as heartburn, especially if you consume spicy foods, tomato-based products or chocolate.

Follow the common rule: stop eating at least two to three hours before bedtime.

Source: Reader's Digest Asia



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