Eating Disorder: 10 Symptoms You Should Look Out For

In a news article dated Aug 5, 2017 published in The Star, Malaysian Association for Adolescent Health vice-president Dr N.Thiyagar revealed that eating disorder affected about one per cent of the population in the country.

Dr Thiyagar also said eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia was more prevalent among females.

According to myHealth Portal, eating disorder refers to harmful eating habits that could negatively affect not only an individual's physical health but also his/her psychosocial.

Here we share with you 10 symptoms of an eating disorder:

1. Spending a lot of time worrying about your weight and body shape

2. Avoiding socialising when you think food will be involved

3. Eating very little food

4. Deliberately making yourself sick or taking laxatives after you eat

5. Exercising too much

6. Having very strict habits or routines around food

7. Changes in your mood

8. Feeling cold, tired or dizzy

9. Problems with your digestion

10. Your weight being very high or very low for someone of your age and height

11. Not getting your period for women and girls

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, don't be afraid to ask for help because recovery is possible.

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Source: NHS UK





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