Armed Forces hand over operation of field hospital in Tawau to Health Ministry

TAWAU, Jan 6  -- The Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) today completely handed over the operation of the field hospital in Tawau to the Health Ministry (MOH), to be managed by Tawau Hospital here.

Commander of the 13th Infantry Brigade, Brigadier General Abdul Razak Hussain said the field hospital had successfully helped Tawau Hospital treat non-COVID-19 cases and since Oct 20, a total of 1,366 patients had been treated.

“The setting up of Tawau field hospital also enabled the transfer of the armed forces surgical team to Kunak Hospital enabling the successful treatment of 36 emergency, semi-elective and elective cases.

“The presence of the surgical team, succeeded in reducing the waiting period for cancer patients in the East Coast of Sabah to undergo curative and palliative surgery,” he said.

He was speaking after witnessing the handing over of duties by the field hospital’s commander, Colonel Dr Shamsul Bahary Muhamad to Tawau Hospital director Dr Norlimah Arsad here.

Meanwhile, Abdul Razak said the armed forces will always cooperate with the Health ministry to ensure the welfare of patients was protected.

Meanwhile, Dr Norlimah said the field hospital located at the Tawau Sports Complex will be renovated and used as a treatment ward for low-risk COVID-19 patients with 96 beds.

“As of yesterday, about 70 per cent of non-COVID-19 patients received treatment at Tawau Hospital, while stages four and five COVID-19 patients are still being treated at Tawau Hospital but the number of patients receiving treatment is less than 10,” she said.

Norlimah also thanked the armed forces for helping to activate the field hospital in Tawau last October, thereby being able to treat non-COVID-19 patients.






Vivantis Technologies Elevates COVID-19 Testing Capacity In Malaysia

By Nadia Jumri

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) – The world has been battling COVID-19 for close to a year now, with more than 200 countries and territories affected by the pandemic.

In Malaysia, the third wave of infections led to total case numbers spiking to over 75,000. Globally, the virus has infected more than 68 million people and caused over 1.5 million fatalities.

Due to the virus’ highly virulent nature, producing COVID-19 test kits has become a top priority for certain biotechnology companies focusing on research and development (R&D) in Malaysia.



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